How to prevent House Fires in your Home!

How do House Fires Happen?

prevent a house fireHouse Fires can happen all the time. While at any given moment any number of things can spontaneously combust, often it is due to the neglect of the homeowner. The most common times for house fires to occur are when the owner of the house is away in which case few measures can adequately prevent a fire from spreading. Additionally, when a fire happens within the home, the owner will often panic and either aid in the spread or at least poorly inhibit the transit of the fire. If you want to learn more about how to prevent a house fire, this is the guide for you!

How do you Prevent a House Fire?

Smoke Detectors – This is a necessity for every home in America. Smoke Detectors will know when smoke hits them and determine that there is a fire in the room. These detectors will often have external switches that alert nearby fire departments.

Emergency Gas Shut Off – A helpful tool that is often installed as a surplus for conventional gas ovens are emergency shutoffs. When there is a detection of excess gas in an area, this will switch off all the gas in a room and prevent the possible spread of deadly or flammable gas.

Sprinklers – Sprinkler systems might seem like they only belong in chemical labs and schools, but more people are installing sprinkler systems in their homes as a preventative measure of long-term fire damage.

Fire Extinguishers – Fire Extinguishers are the most common fire suppressant device in the market. From homes and businesses to cars and busses, everyone has fire extinguishers because they are so easy to operate.


DriMaxx fully understands the emotional upheaval of fire damage on your home, and it is our pride and passion for prevent as much of it as we can. If you would like to hire us or receive additional information about DRIMAXX, please call us at 904-880-7100.

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